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This blog is aimed at practitioners to discuss common themes around the development methodology known as DevOps. Furthermore to enable practitioners a platform to digest the information provided, identify their gaps and gain ideas and possiblly reach consensus on solving them.

The discussion threads have been designed in such a way as to allow a framework for discussion aimed to further educate and share ideas amongst a community looking to move towards DevOps or those that are already using DevOps. The threads build up from understanding the trend, the benefits and challenges, implications for practice, to who is in the market promoting DevOps.

The practitioners approach will provide pertinent information to dispel the myths and to solidify the real uses, challenges and advantages of such a development methodology.

Noting that the DevOps trend is rather new when it comes to methodologies and or approaches the blog will bring in snippets of academic references for context and richness to the readers and will aim to align the practitioner principles to that which is portrayed in the academia field of knowledge. This process to be a powerful source of information when combined to practice in order to gain executive buy-in and correlate trends in industries.

This article and threads will remain active until the end of April 2017 after which all commentary will be summarised into a working info-graphic for review and download to all.


  1. DevOps – What is this trend?
  2. DevOps – Benefits and Challenges
  3. DevOps – Implications for Practice
  4. DevOps – Analysis of the market and other influencers
  5. DevOps – Information Systems fashions – Justifying the trend
  6. DevOps – Response to the press
  7. DevOps – Ideas and general interest
  8. DevOps – A Reflection on the Fashion Trend