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DevOps is seen to be an influential trend with many CIO’s looking to leverage the new development methodology in order to acquire the benefits it claims to bring to the wider organisation.

This trend is seen in posts from key influential practitioners such as Forbes, Gartner, Forrester to name but a few, all showing an increased energy in the need to get involved, follow the market leaders and get to grips with this new methodology.

Furthermore academic resources such as the well known Scopus containing the largest abstract and citation database of peer reviewed literature shows an increased interest in the topic by way of a heightened increase in conference offerings, press and formal articles being drafted. The pie graphs below drafted from information in Scopus give us a view that the DevOps practice is not limited to the field of Information Systems or Computer and Social Sciences – although they make up the dominant part of the activity (seen in documents drafted by area).  If we look at documents by type, it is noted to be primarily made up of conference papers which makes sense as a new methodology becomes established by going through a series of ‘sales’ rounds and exposure through the form of formal conferences and round table events (seen in the documents by type).

Documents by Subject Area – Not only Computer Science Involved.


Documents by Type – Conference events leading the way to disseminate the trend!


Moreover the papers being written stem primarily from the U.S.A. and top 50 journals, IEEE, are now starting to catch onto the trend and are ramping up with the output of formal articles on DevOps – as seen in the next two graphics:

Documents by Country with USA leading the way


Documents by Source – IEEE coming to the fore


Scopus Pivot Graph Trend – Noting 2017 is not a complete year, trend set to increase


To highlight further optics on the topic, I have found a few interesting posts noting how this trend is being influenced from well known industry practitioners such as Forbes, Forrester, Gartner.

A blog post done for Forbes in late November 2016 by Steve Andriole, denoted the move for CIO’s to “get Smart(er)” by embracing DevOps and doubling efforts behind it to reap rewards.

A recent blog post from Forrester, March 2017, speaks to DevOps being one of the most powerful weapons in a CIO’s arsenal and goes on to give examples of well known companies such as Walmart, Netflix, Capital One who have embarked on the DevOps journey.

An August 2016 post from DevOps Online summarised the Gartner views on increased expenditure in the Application Release Automation (ARA) sphere of toolsets imperative for DevOps enablement as growing from $20 Million in 2010 to a mammoth $219 Million last year alone!


Gartner Hype Cycle – DevOps represented under Innovation Trigger

Further to note is that Gartner Hype Cycle places DevOps in its Innovation trigger stage – at the entry of it to still reach the peak of inflated expectations. Right now companies are rallying to understand DevOps and the vendors are packaging products to address all stages in the DevOps life cycle so one need to be aware of this on entering into implementation of DevOps as new tools may become available soon – so be open to the potential benefits new tools coming along may provide you in your journey to DevOps.

With all this being said, there is a marked increase in the interest and developments in undertaking and implementing the DevOps methodology. Have you considered the method yet and do you know what it entails to make it a success or do you think this fad will simply die out? Let me know your thoughts!




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