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DevOps has had a great deal of uptake in recent years. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant shows large players in the market leading the way in ARA technologies, IBM, Electric Cloud, Microsoft, Puppet.

One can only interpret their increased involvement as one to seize the window of opportunity that has been created by this trend for increased revenue and diversification of organisational offering.

Following Electric cloud, one of the named Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders, they have an active discussion group on Devops with many influential panel members joining the discussions from time to time to share views which proves to be an interesting read on factors to consider and how important they view the DevOps expansion to be in the years to come.

If we look at the DevOps cycle it is notable that vendors are realising where in the cycle they fit and where best to position themselves from an overall solution offering point of view. To this end a question i have in mind is whilst many vendors have offerings in the various parts of the life cylce, how usable are the toolsets across the board i.e. have the vendors out there added a vertical offering – or are the platforms developed in a way to provide a seamless experience throughout the process and the integration is effortless and reporting, look and feel unison across the platform stack ?

Looking at a CA Southern African survey found on , it is stated that 94% of organisations believe there is a greater need for DevOps than ever before however on 44% have a form of strategy in pace for it.

CA technologies are one of the leading organisations out in the field of DevOps – and with an article titled – “South African companies wake up to DevOps it is a great read!

Looking closely at the vendor spread – an interesting infographic sourced from X is seen below which i acquired from the following DevOps blog page:

Offerings by life cycle


Offerings by stack layer


Looking at a publicly available response done by RightScale there are interesting statistics on tool use and influencers in the market place seen in the graphics set out below from 2015 to 2017, followed by a state of Enterprise adoption of DevOps in 2016:


With the above industry leading players in the market one has to consider this to be one of the next big things that you have to look into and consider adopting. The players invested in the DevOps methodology have been known to invest to make notable returns and in turn their analysis of the market uptake in trend is surely not wrong.

Let me know your thoughts !