Apr 2017

DevOps – A Reflection on the Fashion Trend

A reflection on DevOps and the way in which according to the field of Information Systems this could be seen as a fashion trend is pretty clear - but what do i mean IS and Fashion? There is a published view from leading journals, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Information Technology and Journal of the Association [...]

Mar 2017

DevOps – Ideas and General Interest

The evolution of DevOps and more came into focus on researching this topic to put together this blog. In this section some interesting further reads, videos and snippets to ponder upon whilst you consider the Development methodology which is upon us. One of the famous interviews with the "Father" of DevOps where Patrick discusses the [...]

DevOps – Response to the press

An interesting article on the DevOps trend and projected spend and use - however is there an important focal element missing? See my thoughts in the posts! Gartner Says By 2016, DevOps Will Evolve From a Niche to a Mainstream Strategy Employed by 25 Percent of Global 2000 Organizations Technology That Supports the DevOps Toolchain [...]

DevOps – Information Systems fashions – Justifying the trend

DevOps is seen to be an influential trend with many CIO's looking to leverage the new development methodology in order to acquire the benefits it claims to bring to the wider organisation. This trend is seen in posts from key influential practitioners such as Forbes, Gartner, Forrester to name but a few, all showing an [...]

DevOps – Analysis of the market and other influences

DevOps has had a great deal of uptake in recent years. Gartner's Magic Quadrant shows large players in the market leading the way in ARA technologies, IBM, Electric Cloud, Microsoft, Puppet. One can only interpret their increased involvement as one to seize the window of opportunity that has been created by this trend for increased revenue [...]

DevOps – Implications for Practice

Whilst the DevOps methodology on the surface looks like something that would be relatively easy to implement and adopt within your organisation - I refer back to the definitions of DevOps put foward in the blog thread What is this trend reminding you that DevOps is not a tool but as much a social implementation as [...]

DevOps – Benefits and Challenges

To take on any new methodology or approach can be daunting and there is always a fear that you have gone out and acquired all necessary approvals and budgets - but what is this does not work? Lets start off by looking at the benefits of DevOps. Perhaps a summarised view below from key papers [...]

DevOps – What is this trend?

DevOps is a development methodology that was born out of the need for increased collaboration between development and operations. Second to this, the view was to incorporate Agile operations into development and operations themselves in order to create a continuous cycle of development, testing, automated release build and deploy methods to ramp up product delivery [...]

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