About Andrew Crone

Founder of Tectonic Shift Pty Ltd - Andrew believes passionately in the power of technology to enable business strategies, helping organisations work out the right supporting structure mix, be it technical or social, in order to enable the development of a sustainable, repeatable delivery approach that exploits and fully utilises the technology stack and streamlines end to end operations for enhanced business results.

Apr 2017

Puppet DevOps – White Papers and Docs

Following Puppet - one of the industry leaders in DevOps - and signing up you acquire many free and valuable white papers - herewith a few worth sharing. Visit https://puppet.com/ now to sign up! Interesting mini e-Book on myth busting DevOps! puppet-eb-devops-mythbusting The state of DevOps - Reports from 2014 and 2016. 2014-state-of-devops-report 2016 State of DevOps [...]

DevOps – A Reflection on the Fashion Trend

A reflection on DevOps and the way in which according to the field of Information Systems this could be seen as a fashion trend is pretty clear - but what do i mean IS and Fashion? There is a published view from leading journals, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Information Technology and Journal of the Association [...]

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