TectonicShift Pty was founded by Andrew Crone and is a consulting firm that provides mid-sized high-tech businesses with virtual CIO and COO services.  TectonicShift boasts over twenty years of IT experience in various fields (technical management, legal services and business development).

TectonicShift specializes in the full IT life-cycle from strategic inception to hands-on implementation and management. There is a strong focus on linking IT capabilities to business needs, and comprehensive development across governance, processes, team structure and project delivery.

They believe passionately in the power of technology to enable business strategies. Utilizing the right support team structures and developing sustainable, repeatable delivery approaches, which streamline the technology stack and optimize results.

We have successfully provided the following:

  • overseen the development of numerous integrated IT solutions

  • managed back-to-front replacement of over R1 billion in software and systems

  • coordinated projects across four continents


We specialize in linking technology, thought leadership and experience.

In so doing, we allow companies to realise true alignment and synergy between the technological strategy and the business strategy.


We offer the following services:

  • Practical RFP processes
  • Effective company structuring advice, staff incentives, schemes and reward structures
  • IT legalese review, recommendation and gap analysis
  • Linkage of technological and business strategies for benefits realisation
  • Effective management reporting
  • Effective Vendor management and scorecard creation
  • End to end reviews and recommendations of holistic business value chain
  • Business assistance on variety of corporate outputs, from simple to complex (e.g. series A funding, documentation standards)
  • Expansion planning for growth at organisational change, budgetary and executive levels
  • Organisational change management and referrals
  • Efficient running of JAD
  • Guidance on bridging the business and IT gap
  • Impressive large scale programme management and portfolio consolidation for delivery
  • Approach to program management
  • Program execution development and execution
  • Systemic and organisational heatmaps
  • Organisational maturity assessments
  • Role audits
  • System audits and operational guidance and reviews
  • Market data landscape audits
  • Mentorship programmes
  • Development approach and methods
  • Architectural reviews and recommendations
  • IU, UX and Design reviews
  • Operational process review and gap analysis
  • Testing approach, levels and types review and recommendations
  • Key network referrals
  • Go to market/production ready gap analysis of product, operations, innovative ideas and or next steps

Download our value proposition document to find out more.


TectonicShift is proud to have provided services to the following businesses:


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